The Ormewood Dog Yard is a volunteer-run and participant-funded dog park located on the property of the Ormewood  Church. The Yard was founded in 2006 when the Church installed a fence and designated this space as a neighborhood dog park. Thanks to the generosity of the church and community donors and volunteers, the Yard is a clean, safe and well-maintained space for dogs and their owners.


  • Users of the Ormewood Dog Yard shall assume all risk and liability.

  • Owners are responsible for the action of their dogs. Dogs must be kept within sight of its owner and under voice control.

    • Aggressive dogs are not allowed and must be controlled or removed. Dog owners who do not control their dog(s) will be banned.

    • Any unprovoked aggression towards any person will not be tolerated. A single episode will cause the aggressor to be banned from the property.

    • Unprovoked aggression by a dog against another dog will also not be tolerated. Two episodes of unprovoked aggression towards another dog will cause the aggressive dog to be banned from the property.

  • Overly rough play or behavior, e.g., bullying, against another dog is not allowed.

  • Owners must clean up after their dogs.

  • No dogs may be left unattended in the Yard.

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No food is allowed, with the exception of bite-sized dog treats. No dogs may be given treats without the owner’s permission.

  • Serious problems resulting in injury must be reported to the owner.

  • All puppies must have completed the legally required rounds of shots.

  • All dogs must be properly licensed, healthy, and have current vaccinations.


The Ormewood Dog Yard is 100% reliant upon donations to fund maintenance and improvements. You can support the Yard by becoming a member, volunteering or donating online.

A Community Partnership

The Ormewood Dog Yard is owned and governed by the Ormewood Church. Also on the Church property are the Ormewood Park Playground and The Ormewood School. The Yard, School and Playground are independent secular entities under the umbrella of the Church, promoting a sense of community for all individuals.  The Ormewood Dog Yard is supported through the generosity of its donor members.  



Mon - Sat: 2pm - Dusk
Sun: closed

Hours are approximate and dependent upon time of year and daylight. Additionally, to maintain the quality of the grounds and grass, the Yard is not open on those days it is deemed to be too wet. Typically, the Yard is closed the day after a rainy day, and is always closed in the rain.